Market Musings

Market Musings – The Times Are A’ Changing!                 

For several months now, a large part of my time has been spent exploring different ways to connect with buyers.  Gone is the era of magazine advertising and other similar, traditional methods of informing people about a product or service, whatever that might be. The Art Market is no different, in this respect, to many other areas of life which are forever changed by technology, notably the Internet.

“Ailsa Craig With Pladda Island” 

For artists, the traditional gallery with an experienced, knowledgeable owner who would actively match clients with a particular artist or style of work is, sadly, also largely a thing of the past, with very few art dealers running a bricks and mortar gallery. There are now shops selling pictures, instead. Often, these are providing decorators’ pieces, intended to fit in with the curtains, as opposed to quality art, intended to stand the test of time.

Online, there are many so called galleries, awash with offerings as diverse as rip-off Andy Warhols, Jackson Pollocks and portraits of Marilyn Monroe or Jimi Hendrix with paint streaks running down the canvas.

Everyone can now become an “artist”. They knock something out, without any skill or experience, place it on an unvetted online website and then declare, “I’m an artist”.   Pathetic, I know, but the same can be said of someone who has music recording software on their laptop, sings some la la lyrics & presents the resulting music video on Youtube. Yet another “musician” is born.

Where, now, amongst all this, does a serious art buyer go to find a professional artist producing high quality work and which, hopefully, will hold its value? Can’t answer that, I’m afraid. It’s a minefield into which many ill-informed buyers are drawn. How can they separate the wheat from the chaff?

“Brancaster Fishing Boat”    

I am fortunate in that, after being a professional artist for some 53 years, I have a few notches on my belt with some very longstanding, loyal and supportive collectors, of which many of you reading this are numbered. Some very well known, famous names, institutions and individuals have my works in their collections.  An artist with such credentials might be said to have “form”.

So, my advice is simply this. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and works by young artists. Visit art fairs, despite the fact that many of the galleries showing do not have actual premises that you can visit & view works at any time, other than by appointment. Be careful, though, for such “pop-up” galleries may not be in business for very long. Try to contact an artist directly. This way, you can determine to a certain degree, whether they are serious and dedicated or simply playing at being “an artist”. Do they have “form”?

It is easy to follow an artist online, through their website and on Social Media, such as Instagram and Facebook.  On Facebook, you can find me at Derek Hare Seascape Paintings.

OUR PRINT ON DEMAND SERVICE IS NOW AVAILABLE.    Giclée Prints on paper or canvas.

This Month’s Top Seller is OFFSHORE”       

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For the past 20 years, several Fine Art Print Publishing Houses have produced Limited and Open Edition prints of my paintings. Sold throughout the UK as well as abroad, through such well-known brands as John Lewis and other specialist print galleries, many of these published images became top sellers.

With so many developments in printing technology over this period, I am now able to offer a “Personal Print On Demand” service on many paintings.  These fabulous prints are produced by one of the top Fine Art Printers in Europe, with whom I have worked closely over the past 15 years

Images can be reproduced to the same size as the original, on top quality cotton canvas.

Also, we offer prints on high quality print paper, the sizes being limited only by paper dimensions. Although not part of a numbered edition, each print is individually signed by myself, so retaining a direct and personal contact.

The quality of the printing is quite outstanding in every case, each individual print being closely monitored and produced strictly to order. The only difference between the print and the original is the lack of oil paint fumes!

To enquire about the availability of specific images as prints, please select from the images on the website then contact me directly to discuss all the possibilities, enabling you to own a top class, signed reproduction at a fraction of the cost of the original.

Prints are sent to you unframed but framing can also be provided.

Please allow up to one week for your individual print to be produced and delivered, free of charge, to addresses in UK.

Shipping worldwide will be calculated on acceptance of your print order. Insurance is included in all orders.

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New Exhibition In June.

Derek Hare – Recent Paintings
The Framers Gallery 36 Windmill Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2JT

June 11th – 16th 

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 5.30.  Saturday 10.00 – 3.00. 

Nearest Tubes:  Tottenham Court Road & Goodge Street

“Rainstorm Off Holkham Beach”      Oil on Canvas          36″ x 30″

Recent Paintings of Bahamas, Portugal, India, Seychelles as well as UK.

These recent oil paintings are created from images I have seen and made sketches of, on the spot, and then worked up to finished paintings in the studio. Using this method, as opposed to plein-air paintings, I am able to create the depth of light and atmosphere unattainable by other means. Drying times of the different layers of paint demand patience and care whilst still creating a feeling of depth and spontaneity.

In this, my second exhibition at the Framers Gallery, I will be displaying a greater variety of subjects with many different aspects of mainly coastal scenes together with several of the River Thames, including views of Greenwich, Tower Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral.

The main painting in this exhibition, “Rainstorm Off Holkham Beach”, depicts an area in north Norfolk, Holkham Beach, one of the many fine beaches along the UK east coast, right up to Yorkshire, Northumberland and well into Scotland. It is an area I know well and have painted for many years, in all weather conditions and at different times of year. I never tire of walking along that vast expanse of sand and experiencing the magnificent skies that seem to envelope the viewer whichever way you turn.

If skies and seas are what you look for in a painting, then you won’t be disappointed in this exhibition. From the moody greys of Northern Europe and the dusty, hot mists of India  to the warmer blues, purple and turquoise of the North Atlantic and Caribbean….. the different colours and textures of so many varied locations can be found in this exhibition.

I hope you will visit the exhibition, which is open daily, Monday – Friday 10.00 – 5.30.  Saturday 10.00 – 3.00.

For invitations to the Private View, email to

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